Terms and conditions

Private Lessons

Applicable to: Private Lessons


GENERAL RELEASE – I/We hereby release Pacific Coast Swimming and its successors or assigns from any and all actions, claims or causes of actions arising out of instructions provided to us or our child(ren) or arising out of any swim meets or other functions attended or sponsored by Pacific Coast Swimming.

MEDIA PERMISSIONS – Group photographs may be posted without identifying swimmers. I/We give permission to post individual photographs of our children or ourselves on the club web site, bulletin boards, newsletters and related publications, and to include names & achievements in team stories.

PRIVACY – PCS is required to submit information such as swimmer names, birth dates and contact information to Swimming Natation Canada (SNC) and Swim BC, the National and Provincial governing bodies, for registration & insurance. We are also required to submit swimmer names and associated competition and achievement level to Saanich Commonwealth Place to complete pool allocation schedules. In addition, please be aware that competitive swimming takes place in a public forum. Competition results, including swimmers’ names, will be posted at swim meet locations, on our web site, and at the SNC Meets site

LATE PAYMENTS – I/We agree to have our credit card charged the balance due for any payments that are over 90 days late. Accounts overdue from the previous season must be settled before registration for the 2020-2021 season can be initiated.

PRIVATE LESSON FEES – I/We agree to the following fees:

  1. A $31.00 Swim BC Non-Competitive category registration fee. 
  2. Lesson cost is negotiable with the coach and will range between $50-$100 per lesson depending on the experience of the coach.