Program Information

Pacific Coast Swimming is an athlete-focused, professionally-led and parent-supported swim club, committed to having swimmers at all levels achieve their full athletic potential. PCS swimmers range in experience from our youngest beginners to high performance international athletes. We are proudly affiliated with the University of Victoria Vikes Swim Program through the University of Victoria – Pacific Coast Swimming Association (UVPCS).

Whether you are learning to swim, training for a triathlon, or staying fit for life, we have a program for you. Our highly trained coaches provide a professional program to improve stroke technique and build fitness.



UVic/Pacific Coast Swimming is home to Vancouver Island's only dedicated Para Swimming Program, with the goal of providing both competitive and recreational opportunities for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. Training schedules and content are highly customizable, and include a wide range of formats including private in-water coaching, general fitness training, and high-performance programs designed to produce successful athletes on the international stage.

F.A.S.T. stands for Friends Achieving Skills Together. PCS FAST League provides affordable and high quality coaching to local elementary and middle schools, giving kids an opportunity to improve their swimming and have fun!



Designed for children comfortable in shallow water without a parent, Lightning Fast 1 aims at having the child learn all of the basic swimming movements including body position in the water leading to stroke development, kicking propulsion, submersion, exhalation under water, and safe comfortable movement in shallow water progressing to deep water. Guaranteed small class size of no more than 5 swimmers per instructor.


Designed for children with good listening skills and who are comfortable in deep water. All of the skills of treading water, basic dive entry, swimming 10m on front and back will be performed in shallow water. This level prepares children for the pre-competitive levels and will quickly build confidence and their endurance in the water. It is designed to prepare the child for the Lightning Fast Three OR entry into Red Cross Swim Kids Level 4. Guaranteed small class size of no more than 5 swimmers per instructor.


This level of the Lightning Fast Swim Series introduces the skills of three of the competitive strokes as well as the beginnings of turns and dives. Swimmers will become proficient kickers and understand the feeling of efficient movement through the water. Guaranteed small class size of no more than 8 swimmers per instructor. Prerequisite: Lightning Fast 2 or Swim Kids 4.

Level Four will see the swimmer improve their skills in all of the competitive strokes including breaststroke. Children will enjoy their increased kicking ability, learn many new stroke drills, as well as develop an improved endurance and skill level in swimming and turning. Guaranteed small class size of no more than 8 swimmers per instructor. Prerequisite: Lightning Fast Three or Swim Kids 4.

Lightning Fast Five introduces in-house competitions. Coaches will aim to have the swimmers complete an 'individual medley' distance using all four strokes. The children will have fun learning to use the pace clock and challenge themselves at their level in the four strokes, turns, starts and relays. The one-hour lesson per week will introduce some dryland skills as well. Upon completion of Level Five swimmers will be comfortable swimming several hundred meters in a session. Guaranteed small class size of no more than 10 swimmers per instructor.