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Pacific Coast Swimming (PCS) is an athlete-focused, professionally-led, and parent-supported swim club committed to having swimmers at all levels achieve their full athletic potential. The same is true for those of our members who fall under the para swimming demographic.

The Para is for Parallel, it is not for paralyzed, nor is it short for Paralympic. We provide programs and opportunities that parallel our Olympic programs.

Para Swimming is the sport term used for swimmers with an eligible physical, visual, or intellectual impairment. 

PCS follows the rules and guidelines for eligibility, as laid out by Swimming Canada, under the criteria provided by World Para Swimming. Some examples of eligible underlying health conditions:

Physical Impairments

  • Amputees/Dysmelia;
  • Cerebral palsy/acquired brain injury;
  • Spinal cord injury/polio;
  • dwarfism;
  • Others (Major joint restrictions, coordination restriction, limb paralysis/weakness)

Visual Impairments

  • Blind; visually impaired

Intellectual Impairments

  • Typically leads to the athletes having difficulties with regards to pattern recognition, sequencing, and memory, or having a slower reaction time, which impact on sport performance in general.

A more extensive list of eligible and ineligible can be found on the Swimming Canada Classification page:

What PCS offers:

  1. Para swimming programing for swimmers: one-on-one sessions, learn to swim programs, pre-competitive and completive programs and programs that provide sport for life.
  2. All coaches who work with para swimmers whether in a one on one or an integrated group setting are provided para specific educational and support to ensure the best outcome for all.

Steps to get started:

  1. All intake starts with an assessment. 
  2. Following an assessment PCS will work with swimmer/family to find the best program within the wide range of groups within our club.
  3. Proceed to registration.

First steps:

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