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Club Commitment Policy

Date: August 24, 2020

Re: PCS Club Commitment Policy 2020-21

Dear parents,

Welcome (or welcome back) to the Pacific Coast Swimming family!  We know this has been an uncertain and challenging year, with changes to swimming and so many other aspects of our families’ lives due to COVID. As we write this letter, PCS is gradually returning to indoor swimming, and we remain optimistic that this will continue for the 2020/21 season.  This is a great organization that provides our kids with wonderful opportunities to grow, not only as swimmers but as community citizens. While there are many unknowns for this coming year, the club will continue to stay flexible, positive and looking forward.

This document presents an updated Club Commitment Policy for 2020/21, outlining family commitments for swim meets (when they resume) and fundraising activities. In a typical September, we would be getting ready to host between 4 to 7 swim meets over the next 10 months. A significant portion of PCS’s revenue ($100,000 +) comes from running and hosting swim meets, which are important fundraisers for the club. Hosting swim meets helps to support our programs and keeps our monthly swim fees at manageable levels, provides important competitive experience for our swimmers, and lessens out-of-town travel and race costs for families.

While we don’t know exactly when swim meets will start up again, we remain hopeful that there will be some form of competition before the season’s end (knowing it could look at bit different).  When swim meets do resume, PCS will continue to expect that all PCS members will help out with PCS-hosted swim meets, and spread the work across the club in a fair manner.  When meets do start, families will be expected to meet a minimum number of shifts/meet (rather than shifts/year), outlined in the attached Policy.

In the meantime, the PCS board and coaches are working together on ways to bring in revenue due to cancelled swim meets. New this year, families will be expected to contribute time for fundraising activities, to replace some of the time that would have gone towards swim meets. More information regarding fundraising commitments will be available in September/October.   

Other aspects of the club commitment remain the same as in 2019/20, with the understanding that flexibility and changes may be needed due to COVID.

The board is seeking 5-6 parent volunteers to join a new PCS Fundraising Committee and work together to design and coordinate fundraising. Please contact kristina.bouris@gmail.com by September 10 if you can participate.

We are happy to talk to you further if you have questions or concerns about this policy and are looking forward to the season ahead.


Pacific Coast Swimmers and Parent Association Board of Directors


Pacific Coast Swimming Club Commitment Policy 2020-21

Annual Club Commitment: Minimum Meet Shifts   ONCE SWIMMING COMPETITIONS RESUME

The minimum number of shifts required each year varies based on the number of PCS-hosted swim meets. In 2020-21, should public health and Swim BC guidance permit a return to competition, each family is expected to meet the following minimum number of shifts at PCS-hosted swim meets:

Group                               (as of Dec 1, 2020)

Minimum Club Commitment

B group

4 shifts/ meet

C group

3  shifts/ meet

D group

2 shifts/ meet

Lightning Fast

Shifts not tracked, but families expected to complete 1 shift/meet where child is participating

NOTE: No annual minimum shift commitment for 2020/21. The number of shifts/meet remains the same for each group from 2019/20.

NOTE: There may be other PCS-only meets held through the year, such as Sunday Race Series and time trials, where parents of participating swimmers will be asked to help.  These smaller, non-revenue generating meets are for PCS only and, as a result, do not count towards club commitment shifts (although we are grateful for your time!).

For families with more than one swimmer, the club commitment applies to the highest level swimmer in each family only. 

To ensure smooth meet planning, please sign up for shifts at least two weeks prior to meet start date, through the PCS website.

Parents are strongly encouraged to pro-actively approach PCS staff if they have their concerns about their ability to meet the club commitment. PCS staff will communicate with families who may be at risk of not meeting their club commitments, to encourage participation and identify if alternative arrangements are needed.

PCS reserves the right to collect a club commitment penalty of $500 for member families not completing their minimum annual club commitment. If any funds are collected for club commitment penalty, they will be used for the direct benefit of PCS officials, e.g. towards food for swim meets; bursaries towards club fees for families who have completed their shift commitment for that year; etc.

Fundraising – NEW 2020/21

As PCS looks for ways to bring in revenue due the COVID cancellation of swim meets, families will be expected to contribute time for new fundraising activities this year.  More information for families regarding activities and expected commitment will be available in September/October.

Officials Training Commitment and Progression ONCE OFFICIALS TRAINING RESUMES

It is important that parents progress and advance through our officials program alongside their swimmers. At least one person per family is expected to complete training for the following positions listed below. Participating in one officials training session is equivalent to 1 shift, to be counted towards a PCS-hosted meet of choice.

(as of Dec 1 of each year)

Expected Training Certification


Lighting Fast

Timer (once your child starts competing)


D group



C group

Stroke and turn judge


B group

One senior officials position  (e.g. starter, electronics, clerk-of-course, chief timer, referee)

May require special training. Contact yum.scarlet@gmail.com  for more info.

Stroke and Officials Training Dates 2020-21

No training dates yet; training dates will be posted on the PCS website and advertised through club email

      Senior officials training is also offered through Swim BC; see swimbc.ca website for more info.

Swim Meet Food Donations

PCS is known for providing delicious and abundant food for officials and volunteers at our swim meets! All families will contribute some food for the volunteers and coaches at all PCS-hosted meets, as requested  (sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, baking, etc.).  

Club Commitment - Recognition

PCS gratefully appreciates and recognizes your contribution of time and effort.  Recognition will be finalized for  2020/21 when swim meets resume. Typically, recognition includes:

·         White PCS officials t-shirt for those who meet minimum annual shift commitment

·         Free drop-in maintenance swims in August 2021 to registered swimmers whose families exceeded their minimum club requirements for that year

·         Incentive prizes to encourage early registration for PCS meet shifts