Terms and conditions

F.A.S.T. School League

Applicable to: Braefoot Elementary Glenlyon Norfolk School Shoreline Torquay Elementary Maria Montessori Campus View Royal Oak Middle School Cedar Hill Prospect Lake Rogers Elementary Frank Hobbs Arbutus Ecole Victor Brodeur


GENERAL RELEASE – I/We hereby release Pacific Coast Swimming (the "Swim Club") and its successors or assigns from any and all actions, claims or causes of actions arising out of instructions provided to us or our child(ren) or arising out of any swim meets or other functions attended or sponsored by said Swim Club.

MEDIA PERMISSIONS – Group photographs may be posted without identifying swimmers. I/We give permission to post individual photographs of our children or ourselves on the club web site, bulletin boards, newsletters and related publications.

PRIVACY – When you register your swimmer in the PCS School Program we submit registration information provided above to Swimming Natation Canada (SNC), the national governing body for swimming. If your swimmer is already registered in a Swim BC affiliated club, your swimmer will retain that registration, which takes priority over the school registration. 
When your swimmer enters a competition, swimmer names and results may be posted at swim meet locations or on our website. Please contact us if you have any questions abour our privacy policy, and see our website. SNC's Privacy Policy is available on their website (http://swimming.ca/). Please note that Swimming Canada requires all swimmers to sign a privacy consent form (PIPEDA). Refusal to do so may result in your swimmer/s ineligibility to participate in PCS's FAST Program.